Amy Dong Bio


Amy Dong is a twenty-three year old author and life coach-in-training whose writing career took off in 2014 when a personal essay she wrote received national acclaim from The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. After a second national award in 2016, a trip to Carnegie Hall, and a publication in the Best Teen Writing of 2016, she went on to work as a magazine editor, curriculum designer, and freelance writer during her studies at New York University.


When she wasn't reading, writing, or mentoring peers as a college student, Amy was traveling the world. In her three-and-a-half years at NYU, she studied and lived across 5 continents and 25 countries, taking one gap semester in between her travels to recover from a near-death experience in 2017.


Since its publication in 2020, Amy's debut collection of essays, Twenty-One Years Young, has received praise from The New York Times, Undomesticated Magazine, and award-winning social psychologists, and her essays have since been featured in capstone university courses, shared with high schoolers as an honest "how-to" college guide, and used as a resource by parents who are trying to better understand their own children's transition into young adulthood. 

In 2021, Amy served as a Fulbright Scholar teaching English in Taiwan, where she furthered her interest in education and personal growth at Beian Junior High School. In Taiwan, Amy survived a second near-death experience that made her deeply question what she wanted out of her third life.

Now, Amy spends her days working in international leadership and economic development, coaching young adults as part of The LIFE Project, and serving as an author coach at New Degree Press. She is currently working towards her ICF-accredited coaching certification, so that one day she can pursue life coaching full-time to help other young adults discover what matters to them, and why.

Additional Fun Facts:

1. Amy's favorite animals are ducks.

2. Amy (quacks) up at good puns.

3. Amy thinks she's (duck)ing hilarious. Please humor her occasionally.