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In June 2021, I started The LIFE Project to help young adults attain fulfillment, balance, and joy in life.

As someone who survived two near-death experiences before the age of 25, I think constantly about how to make the most of my third life on earth. Facing mortality not once, but twice, at such a "young" age forced me to discover what many people tell us only comes much later in life: my sense of purpose—which is to help other young adults find theirs by developing a strong perspective on life early on and how they wanted to spend what's left of it. 

In my book, I write about things like perspective, choice, and mortality, drawing from personal experiences that are a mix of painful, beautiful, accidental, and everything in between. After connecting with hundreds of other young people through my essays and realizing how important it was to understand and appreciate our own stories, I spent a year working towards a life coaching certification and then began partnering with young adults to help them dig deeper into their own stories and decide where they want their narrative to lead. This is what the LIFE Project is all about: partnering with you to write your own story, from the page you're on now all the way to the end. 

As a life coach, my job is not to offer you advice (which assumes I know what's best for you—which I don't, you do!) or counseling (which focuses more on understanding the past). Instead, I am here to ask challenging questions and help you define your own goals, clarify your values, and create practical action plans that will get you where you want to be. In other words, I want to bring out the best in you and help you create and live the life you want to live.   

So, what are you waiting for? If you're someone who has been looking for more fulfillment, balance, and meaning in your life but aren't sure how to get there, or someone who is ready to define and begin working towards your ideal life, take a risk with me and give life coaching a try. Let's write your story the way you want it to be writtenfrom this chapter on.

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30-Minute Introductory Chat

Choose this option if this is our first time getting to know one another!

Let's get to know one another! 


We'll talk about our backgrounds, interests, and general aspirations, and if you find our conversation helpful, we can keep talking to see how our stories fit together.

45-Minute Coaching Session

Choose this option if you're already working on your LIFE project!

Let's get to work!


In these sessions, we'll work together to help you take that next big step in life, whether that's applying for a Fulbright Scholarship, taking a gap year to travel, or taking a leap of faith to switch careers.


Life is meaningful only because it is short and full of difficult choices to make.

Let's help you make those choices and feel confident about them.

Let's discover your why.

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