In June 2021, I started The LIFE Project to continue doing two things that bring me joy: tell stories and meet new people.


With dozens of strangers over the years asking for advice on everything from The Fulbright Program to publishing a book to battling an eating disorder, I wanted to create an informal channelnot too different from a "Dear Abby" advice columnthat is open to all young adults and is focused on helping them answer one simple but powerful question: Why?


Just as I've done in my book and at various speaking engagements across the country, I'll share honest advice based on my own life story—only in a much more intimate, immediate way. 


With storytelling as our foundation, we'll talk through your why, and if you're all in, we'll spend a few weeks workshopping a personalized game plan that answers the next big question: How?  

So, what are you waiting for? Let's chat! Together, we might just find the things that make the world—your world—go round. 


 30-Minute  Life Chat

Choose this option if this is our first time getting to know one another!

Let's get to know one another! 


We'll talk about our backgrounds, interests, and general aspirations, and if you find our conversation helpful, we can keep talking to see how our stories fit together.

30-Minute Workshop

Choose this option if you're ready for a deeper dive into your next LIFE project!

Let's get to work!


In these sessions, we'll work together to help you take that next big step in life, whether that's applying for a Fulbright Scholarship, taking a gap year to travel, or taking a leap of faith to switch careers.


Life is meaningful only because it is short and full of difficult choices to make.

Let's help you make those choices and feel confident about them.

Let's discover your why.