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A Little Birdie Told Me…

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

. . . to share some interesting words I’ve overheard these past couple of weeks.

“I know this is going to sound weird, but please laugh for me, preferably out loud and very hard . . . There is nothing worse in this world than having to listen to the same joke twice—except maybe having to be that guy who forces you to listen to the same joke twice and asks you to laugh just as hard.”

– John Oliver, Last Week Tonight (live)

“Students need a chance to fail.” “If kids don’t have a place to play, they don’t have a place to grow.”

– Andrés Satizábal, Chief Strategy Officer of Harlem RBI

“Hi Amy, I just had a caramel waffle with apples here. It had nuts. P.S. Don’t eat nuts.”

– Elaine Dong, loving sister who sends letters solely to remind me of my own food allergies

“Thank God tomorrow’s Tuesday.”

– a friend on a Thursday night

“Everything is a business . . . When doing business, keep in touch with humanity.”

Abrimah Erwiah, co-founder of Studio 189

“Toenails for Trump: an artful expression of collective disgust and solidarity.” Your toenails count!

“You’re a rockstar!”

– co-worker at Teach For America who knows how to rock anyone’s world

“My wife and I had a lot of ramen nights. I remember packing boxes for our first customers until 4 A.M., then going to class in the morning smelling like cardboard. I was ‘that dude with the weird odor.’ People thought I was crazy. And it was hard. But it was worth it.” “Korean beauty products had always been in the U.S. market. We were just the first company to really talk about them. We became ambassadors to Korea.” “Education is part of our DNA.”

– Dave Cho, CEO and co-founder of Soko Glam

“If Americans want to live the American Dream, they should go to Denmark.”

– Richard Wilkinson, TED Talk speaker

“Competing is important. But family comes first. Having fun comes first.”

– Synchronic Dance Team


– John Wang’s creative interpretation of “MacDougal” street

“Disrupt assumptions. Subvert clichés. Ask yourself: what is really going on here?”

– Jessy Hsieh, BIP professor

“Are you happy?”

– Christopher Zimmerman in a long-overdue phone call

“I think I am? . . . I am.”
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