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Sarabeth’s (TriBeCa)

Date Visited: February 5, 2017 | Address: 339 Greenwich St


Sunday brunch at one of six Sarabeth’s locations is a quintessential NYC experience.

First opened in 1983 on the Upper East Side, Sarabeth’s “earned a warm spot in the hearts of native New Yorkers, out of town visitors and tourists from all over the world” with its full-scale, full-plate breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner options seven days a week (Sarabeth’s). Its success led to the opening of five more Sarabeth’s restaurants around the city, one of which I visited after seeing it featured on NYC Restaurant Week.

Sarabeth’s TriBeCa is an elegant synthesis between your springtime living room—glowing natural ambiance, caramel-colored sofas, light oak tabletops—and your modern kitchen—large windows, ample open space, minimal distractions.

And the best part about Sarabeth’s? The food tastes as good as the place makes you feel.



  1. Sweet Breakfast:

  2. Fat & Fluffy French Toast (strawberries, powdered sugar, butter, syrup)

  3. truly fat and fluffy; a buttery, soft, warm delight perfectly complemented with the natural sweetness of freshly-sliced strawberries

  4. Apple-Cinnamon French Toast (powdered sugar, raisins, bananas, apple jam)

  5. tip: skip the syrup; instead, generously smother toast with jam before topping it off with thin banana slices and chewy raisins

  6. Extraordinary Eggs & Omelettes:

  7. Farmer’s Omelette (leeks, ham, potato, gruyère)

  8. heavy flavors lean towards a salty, savory side

  9. tip: perfect with a buttered croissant and coffee

  10. Goldie Lox (scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, cream cheese)

  11. light and fluffy consistency; flavors not as strong

  12. smoked salmon taste overpowered by egg/cheese flavors

  13. tip: enjoy with a croissant slathered with orange butter marmalade

  14. Salmon Eggs Benedict (smoked salmon, hollandaise, peppers, chives, mixed greens)

  15. strong burst of flavors from the smoked salmon, tangy hollandaise, and sharp herbs

  16. poached eggs were the perfect texture; runny yolks and fluffy egg whites

  17. thick, grainy English muffin (not as chewy/buttered as most are)

  18. Entrées:

  19. Steak Sandwich (white cheddar cheese, caramelized onion, horseradish cream, spinach and leafy greens; frites)

  20. thick but soft bread; strong, refreshing greens; tender, well-seasoned beef; rich, melted cheese

  21. crispy, well-seasoned frites perfect with minty horseradish dressing

  22. Drinks:

  23. black coffee; cafe au lait; grapefruit juice

Favorites: Fat & Fluffy French Toast, Farmer’s Omelette, Steak Sandwich

Fat & Fluffy French Toast

Apple-Cinnamon French Toast

Goldie Lox with Croissant and Grapefruit Juice

Salmon Eggs Benedict

Steak Sandwich

Photos: Amy Dong | Edited by: Amy Dong and Sandra Poh
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